Woman sobs in pain after accidentally ripping eyelashes out during home brow wax


Over the past year, we’ve seen our fair share of DIY beauty disasters, from botched brow tints to home hair dye fails.

But one woman’s home brow wax went so disastrously wrong that her poor eyelashes were forced to pay the consequences.

TikTok user Amanda, who goes by the name ilikechicfilasomuch, took to the video sharing app to upload a clip of her trying out a home waxing kit for the very first time.

“I’m going to be trying to wax my eyebrows today,” she said before reading out the instructions, which said: “Select the wax beads you need.”

“These look like they would taste so good,” she added, while pouring the wax beads into the melting pot. “Wow, they’re already melting!”

“Okay, it looks pretty good,” she concluded, once all the beads had melted into liquid, adding, “it smells pretty good too.”

Amanda decided to start with the fluffy hair between her eyebrows, saying: “Okay, it’s time to do my unibrow first! This is how thick my eyebrows areā€¦ I wanna’ eat it.”

She then placed the wax in the centre of her brows and let out an ‘ouch’ when pulling it off. “It worked! Wow,” she said, before adding she was going to move onto the under brow next.

“No! Oh no, that did not work well,” she said, while trying unsuccessfully to rip off the wax.

In the next clip, Amanda could be seen sobbing, while saying: “It’s in my eyelash,” having clearly ripped out several of the lashes when trying to remove the wax. Ouch.

“What, are you okay?!” another TikTok user asked, before Amanda confirmed she was fine, and did eventually manage to get the wax out of her lashes. Thank goodness!