My husband is so cheap he hangs used kitchen roll out to dry to avoid buying more’


When it comes to money, we all love to find little ways to save the pennies here and there – from using store cards to earn vouchers to swapping our energy suppliers to get the best deal.

But one man has taken things further than that in a bid to cut the costs around the house.

Amber Horne, from Oregon, USA, has been sharing a series of videos on TikTok with her 742,000 followers entitled ‘My husband is so cheap’.

In each clip, she is joined by her husband who reveals his most frugal tips and she confirms that he isn’t joking around.

So far Amber has uploaded 39 videos in the series, in which her husband has confessed to taking the light bulb out of their fridge and only walking on the outside of carpets so as not to wear them down.

The couple have been married for the last 25 years and share five children together, who also have to deal with their dad’s unusual antics – like reusing kitchen roll.

Yes, really.

He claims to never throw away a used piece of kitchen paper, instead, he hangs it out on the washing line to dry, so he can avoid buying more.

But before you think they spent money on their clothesline, Amber notes that they “are too cheap” to buy one, so they made their own, using some yarn.

The dad also reuses tin foil, giving it a wipe over before popping it back in the drawer and instead of buying more tomato sauce when they run low, he simply grabs a few free ketchup sachets from the local deli and tops up the bottle with the contents.

Milk in the family’s home is diluted with water to make it last longer and he doesn’t buy any new clothing or furniture, only shopping at second-hand stores.

And when it comes to clothes for his children, his wife shares how she was “embarrassed” that her husband went to other families in their neighbourhood with kids to ask for their hand-me-downs.

In other videos, he tells how he also refuses to pay for expensive things like hotel rooms and recalls a time his car broke down while on a work trip, so he slept on some bleachers outside of a high school, using his backpack as a pillow.

Amber adds that some of his hacks don’t seem to be as helpful as he thinks, but others genuinely do make a big difference.