Couple terrified as glass TV stand shatters during night and nearly kills their dog


A couple were left shocked and frightened after their glass television stand shattered in the middle of the night, nearly injuring their pet Chihuahua.

Daniel Halawi and Rachael Fisher, of Romford, Essex, said they heard a loud noise that sounded like a bomb exploding in their living room, according to The Sun.

Halawi, 37, who works as an administrator, said: “My partner and I were going to bed last week when we heard this almighty crash.

“It really just sounded like a bomb had gone off, just a massive explosion so I got out of bed to see what it was because it really frightened us.”

They were shocked to find their brand new £2,500 TV on the floor and shards of glass everywhere, which could have injured the couple’s pet Chihuahua, Coco.

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“It was really lucky that we weren’t in there or our pet dog whose bed is right next to it”, Halawi said.

He had bought the glass stand online over a year ago and not had any problems with it.

The couple’s smart heater is always set to the same temperature, so that could not have caused the glass to break.

Halawi and Fisher are warning others about the dangers of buying glass furniture.

He said: “It’s incredibly dangerous and could have really hurt one of us or even killed our little dog.”

Luckily the couple and their dog were away from the TV, and the set itself was damaged but not broken.

Halawi vowed to never buy glass furniture again, and urged others to do the same. He is planning to get rid of his glass dining room table.